PNR Communication Backup Plan

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What if Zello goes down?

Where else can PNR members find each other during a Zello outage???


  1. Check first if it's your network. Check Cellular vs WiFi and see if you have the same problem on both networks. If you still can't log into Zello, continue to the next steps

  2. Remember / bookmark our site!

  3. Go to this page to see what the current back up communication plan is.

    • Download and install the "Two Way" application (by Selvaraj LLC) from the Play Store or the Apple Store

    • Once you have the application up, click the keypad icon at the top, enter channel 433433 and click the green OK button.

    • Call out and listen for other PNR members to trickle in

  4. While waiting for fellow PNR members, make sure Zello knows about the outage. Fill out their Support form.

NOTES about the "Two Way" application:

  • The PTT button on the screen is strictly PTT. There is NO toggle setting

  • Gotta keep messages short - 15 seconds per key up

  • Devices with External Mics: Your Mic will not work. you must press the PTT button on the screen

  • There is no history

  • There is no list of users

  • This is a very stripped down, easy to use PTT app that we can use in place of Zello if Zello is down.

Why "Two Way"??? - Why not Team Speak or Discord since they are being linked anyway?

...because we want to make it easy for everyone to use the backup solution. Most core Zello users will not want to install and figure out Discord or TeamSpeak. "Two Way" is as simple as they come without signing up for an account.

What if Zello goes down for a REALLY long time, or goes away for good?

  1. Go to our Contact Us page

  2. Give us your name (as we know you)

  3. Give us your email address and or phone number in the email form

  4. We will reach out to everyone that contacts us there and we will let you all know where we are.

What if the sh*t hits the fan, and we totally lose the internet and possibly power?

  1. Well then ---- we're probably f*cked.

  2. Also, you more than likely won't be able to get to this page unless it's cached.

  3. Chances are we'll be lawless for awhile as well, so who gives a damn about a ham license?

  4. So go find yourself a nice radio setup that can transmit on 80 meters (if you can somehow power it)

  5. Monitor 3.900 MHz LSB around the clock or as much as you can for PNR member activity.