How to access Pirate Network Radio:

Zello is a Push to Talk Application

It is now supported on:

  • Many Network Radios
  • PC
  • Android
  • iOS

How to Find Us on Zello

How to turn on Pirate Network Radio Channel Alerts

  • Channel Alerts: If you would like to be alerted when Pirate Network Radio has special events such as Special Nets, games, emergencies, or anything of the sort outside of the Boneyard Net, you need to make sure you have channel alerts turned on for this channel in Zello. Channel alerts will come through to your phone as a notification, even if you are not logged into Zello.
      • For Android Users: While in the Pirate Network Radio channel, go to the screen with the big PTT button, click the icon down at the very bottom right. You will see an option for "Receive Alerts from this Channel". It should be the very last option. By default it is usually set to "None". But if you would like to receive future channel alerts, you will want to set this to "Always".
      • For iOS, you will want to click on the channel image to view the channel profile, and from there you should see an option for Channel Alerts. Click that option and choose "Always receive Alerts from this channel".
      • Again, you will only want to follow these steps if you want to receive notifications from PNR.