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Tonight's Questions and Answers:

Note: Questions borrowed from (Crazy Random Facts)

      1. Other than department store items, what did Sears also sell?
        • a) Houses****
        • b) Cars
        • c) Insurance
        • d) Boats
        • Side Note: Before every city had a Walmart, most Americans got their stuff from mail-order catalogs, such as Sears. Among its many, many offerings were so-called "kit houses," or entire homes that were shipped on a train. You had to assemble the house yourself using the 75-page instruction book. It was like Ikea on steroids.
      2. How much weight can NASCAR drivers lose during 1 race?
        • a) 3 pounds
        • b) 6 pounds
        • c) 8 pounds
        • d) 10 pounds ****
        • Side Note: NASCAR drivers can lose up to 10 pounds in sweat due to high temperatures during races.
      3. What popular snack is actually flammable and can be used as kindling?
        • a) Goldfish Crackers
        • b) Doritos****
        • c) Keebler Cookies
        • d) Potato Chips
        • Side Note: If you're ever in a bind, throw some Doritos on the grill and spark them up. Though you can make kindling out of nearly anything, the flavored corn chips are particularly handy because they'll burn for a long time. In fact, most chips will serve as good fire starters because they're made of flammable hydrocarbons soaked in oil, according to an investigation by The Star. The more covered in powder-flavoring they are, the longer the fire will last!
      4. The first roller coaster was invented at Coney Island as a way to distract people from - what???
        • The water
        • The smell
        • Sinful Activities****
        • Their hardships
        • Side Note: inventor, LaMarcus Thompson, was disgusted by the debauchery of New York's inhabitants. The saloons and brothels that were so popular in the late 1800s were a disgrace to Thompson, who wanted to provide a family-friendly sin-free way to have fun. Thus, the roller coaster was born

Check-ins / Answers:

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PNR433 - Spaceman - (Y) - Net Controller

CB472 - Peter - (E)

KK4BFM - Captain Bob - (Y) - Answers: CDBD

PNR1005 - Kevin - (Y) - Answers: BCDD

PNR1006 - Dawn - (Y) - Answers: BCDD

PNR113 - Patrick - (Y) - Answers: CAAD

PNR4106 - Doug - Answers: CDBD

PNR555 - Trucker - (Y) - Answers: CDBA

PNR2795 - Nelson - (Y) - Answers: ACDC

PNR928 - Walter - (Y) - Answers: BDBD