The Boneyard Net

Records for 2020-07-29, 22:00 PDT

Tonight's Questions and Answers:

1) What sense don't dolphins have?
   a) Sight
   b) Smell****
   c) Touch
   d) Hearing

2) How long is an eon in geology?
   a) 1000 years
   b) 100,000 years
   c) 1,000,000 years
   d) 1,000,000,000 years****

3) Who was the last man to walk on the moon?
   a) Eugene Cernan****
   b) Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin 
   c) Charles M Duke
   d) John W Young

4) If you can pick any answer for this question, what would it be? 
   a) c
   b) a
   c) d
   d) b

Check-ins / Answers:

(Y=Checked in, E=Early Check in, L = Late Check in)

PNR433 - Spaceman - (Y) - Net Controller

PNR-1005 - Kevin - (Y) - BBBC

PNR-1006 - Dawn - (Y) - CCCC

PNR113 - Patrick - (Y) - DADA

V01RV / PNR709 - Jim - (Y) - DDBC


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