The Boneyard Net

Records for 2020-10-22, 22:00 PDT

Tonight's Questions and Answers:

1) What item is banned only during Halloween from 12am October 31st to 12pm November 1st in Hollywood California?
   a. Silly String ****
   b. Toilet Paper
   c. Eggs

2) What is the name of the Celtic harvest festival that many people believe Halloween is based on?
   a. Samhain (Pronounced SAH-win or SOW-in) ****
   b. Hallows Eve
   c. Day of the Dead

3) In what country was the first written account of children using the phrase “trick or treat” on Halloween?
   a. Canada ****
   b. USA
   c. Mexico

Check-ins / Answers:

(Y=Checked in, E=Early Check in, L = Late Check in)

PNR433 - Spaceman - (Y) - Net Controller

KM40PK - Nelson - (Y) - C,B,A

PNR1005 - Kevin - B,C,C

PNR1006 - Dawn - A,A,A

PNR928 - Walter - A,A,B


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