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Tonight's Questions and Answers:

1) Quinoa - what is it?

a) Type of Rice

b) Type of Grain

c) Type of Seed ****

d) Potato

2) 6 Quarterbacks that came from Pittsburgh have made it into the Hall of Fame. For of them are: Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Dan Marino, and Joe Montana. Who are the other two?

a) Bobby Lane & Terry Bradshaw

b) Ben Roethlisberger & Sonny Jurgensen

c) Jim Kelly & George Blanda ****

d) Y. A. Tittle & Mike Tomczak

3) You have one person at 0 degrees Latitude (Quito Ecuador for example) , and another person was standing on 38 degrees Latitude (in Ocean City, MD USA for example). If both take a step 1 degree North, they will both cover the same distance. However, if both take a step 1 degree East or West, what happens?

a) They both travel the same distance

b) The person in Ocean City, MD will travel the furthest distance

c) The person in Ecuador will travel the furthest distance ****

Check-ins / Answers:

(Y=Checked in, E=Early Check in, L = Late Check in)

KK4BFM - Captain Bob - (Y - Net Controller)

Leo 722030 - (E)

TF3VG / KP928 - Walter - (E)

Paul Woodworker - (E)

DoctorZZZZZZZZ - (E)

KM4OPK - Nelson - Meester Coffee - (Y) - Answers: B,A,B

uk175fb - Rob - (Y) - Answers: B,B,C

PNR1005 - Kevin - (Y) - Answers: B,A,A

PNR1006 - Dawn - (Y) - Answers: C,A,B

PNR433 - Spaceman - () - Answers: B,A,C

PNR113 - Patrick - (Y) - Answers: B,A,B

KE5CDK - Doug - (Y) - Answers: C,C,C

dreadpiratekeebler - Kevin - (Y) - Answers: A,B,A

Trucker256 - (Y) - Missed Questions, only checked in